A Look at the Lincoln Continental and Why It's a Great Project Car

Facebook page, then you already know that at any given time our shop has several major car projects underway. One of the projects that we are currently working on and are so excited about is a 1962 Lincoln Continental. Recently, we uploaded this quick video showcasing how fantastic the fresh PPG Refinish Black paint looks on this project car. It has come a long way since we first posted pictures of it on our website and we cannot wait to give it a complete unveiling once we are done with all of the finishing touches.

Why the Lincoln Continental Makes for a Great Project Car

The Lincoln Continental is one of the most iconic of models manufactured by the Lincoln division of the Ford Motor Company. This is a vehicle that has been in production for over 55 years -- with 10 total generations released across nine different decades. While we might have a special affinity for the '50s and '60s era models, there are no badly made versions and as such, this model continues to be a top choice for restoration.

Having such a big selection to choose from is only the start of why this model makes for such a good project car. In fact, the second big reason to research and select one of these models is partially due to the first reason, as big selection means low prices. From time to time, Hemmings Motor News showcases good candidates it finds for its $5,000 Challenge -- which is a challenge for auto enthusiasts to find a salvation-worthy vehicle for under $5,000 and have it restored to become an affordable collector car. It is a fun series to follow, especially if you are on the hunt for some project car inspiration. Following it also shows how many outstanding Lincoln Continental cars there are out on the market for just a couple grand, like this '71 plus-size Continental and this low-mileage '76 Continental.

Not convinced you can do much with a low-cost Continental? Check out this thorough article on Tim Finnegan and his '62 Lincoln Continental nicknamed Ms. Scarlett. Finnegan purchased the car at an estate sale for $2,500 and has since had some major restoration work done on it. From upholstery to engine work, this model got it all, and today, Finnegan is proud to drive this car throughout the Bay Area and have it be the recipient of several local awards. It is now estimated to be valued at more than $50,000.

Let's Get You Started On Your Lincoln Continental Project Car

Now that you know that it is possible, are you ready to get started on your own Lincoln Continental project car? Once you've done your research, let our team help with the build. Lincoln Continentals are truly a great and versatile vehicle that have a lot to offer to the ardent automotive enthusiast. Contact us today to learn more about the various restoration and customization services we offer and to schedule a service visit.