Avoid Scams: Take Your Car to the Best Close Hot Rod Shop

Looking to build up your dream hot rod? Well, before you can start searching for the 'best hot rod shop near me,' first you need to find a good vehicle to work with. Thanks to the internet, it's now easier than ever to connect with buyers and discover exciting project vehicles both across the country and in your own backyard. However, while many car buyers have great success with buying used vehicles and classic models online, there are scammers. The following is a look at what to avoid when researching and purchasing a vehicle from an online seller:

Avoiding Car Buying Scams When Purchasing a Hot Rod Online

  • The escrow scam. The first step to avoid a car buying scam is to not fall for something too good to be true. The next step is to not jump too fast into purchasing. One of the most common scams is to have the buyer send money to what is believed to be a legitimate escrow company but is really a fake website the seller has set up. They will then request for you to send the money via MoneyGram or Western Union but then claim it was never received. Because this is an unsecured payment network, you won't have any recourse to get your money back or to secure the vehicle. However, this scam is most dangerous when combined with...
  • Spoofed selling account. Scammers will sometimes copy and paste images from a real seller's post in order to make fake listings in areas outside of the real seller's location. Then, when you try and purchase the vehicle through the escrow scam, you will be paying for a vehicle that the seller never owned. Avoid this scam by insisting on meeting in person or having a live video chat in which the seller shows you the vehicle in question.
  • Title washing. This year has brought several bad floods throughout the Midwest and Southern states and as such, we expect incidents of title washing to rise. Title washing is a term used to describe the hiding of the full history of a vehicle, including whether it's been sold following salvage from a major storm or disaster. You can easily avoid purchasing a title washed vehicle by using CarFax and AutoCheck to follow the computer records associated with a car's VIN number. In this same vein, rolling back the odometer may be an old scam trick, but it still happens, especially with older classic cars and hot rods.

Need Your Potential New Car Looked Over? Look Up the 'Best Hot Rod Shop Near Me'

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